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Swan Ultimate Personal Shaver for Women

  1. The Ultimate Personal Shaver has everything to keep you feeling smooth and touchable all day long
  2. Body and bikini trimmer with changeable heads and trimmers
  3. 11 assorted shaving stencils for bikini styles
  4. Cleaning brush
  5. Travel storage bag and base organiser

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SKU: 10576

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Feel luxuriously smooth all day; the Ultimate Personal Shaving Kit by Swan® will give you irresistibly soft skin that you won’t be able to stop touching!

Have you ever been that unlucky lady that has to sit out from the fun because you haven’t prepared yourself? Whether it’s under your arms, bikini or legs, having that unwanted hair or cuts from traditional razors are enough reasons to keep you hiding in the dark. So what’s the solution? You want long-lasting, hairless, smooth and desirable skin; then that’s exactly why you should choose the All-in-One Ultimate Personal Shaver by Swan®.

Firstly, you can shave and groom yourself free from worrying about catching your skin on traditional razors – say bye-bye to them! The body and bikini trimmer can give you the closest of shaves and still avoid cuts and nicks. Whether you’re keeping your pins polished, underarms velvety, this all-in-one shaver will do the job (wherever it needs doing!) you won’t miss a hair!

Swan Ultimate Personal Shaver for Women

Secondly, you style yourself as you wish. Unlike traditional razors that only give you the option of shaving your bikini area completely off, the body and bikini trimmer have changeable heads with length settings allowing you to trim, shave and finish to your liking. The main trimmer will do most of the work to remove the most of the hair, the precision trimmer helps you touch up the area, the stencil trimmer allows you to create designs and the finishing head gives you that silky, soft and sexy finish.

Swan Ultimate Personal Shaver for Women Lifestyle

Have you ever tried jazzing up the lady garden with a traditional razor? It’s almost impossible! Whatever it may be; Brazilian, Triangle (the one that looks like a Cosmopolitan glass) or just your Standard English Garden, attempting to trim your garden with a traditional razor is about as useful as nailing jelly to a tree. It’s wonky, imprecise and well, you result in stripping the lady garden fully; and even THEN you’ve probably missed a hair or two, and the potential cut – the complete opposite to a wonderful lady garden.

With this bikini trimmer and changeable heads help to keep your garden perfectly trimmed; the changeable heads offer length settings and combs built on the head. You have a precision trimmer and comb with length settings so you can keep inside the lines and a finishing head for silky smooth skin.

Want to know why this is the Ultimate Personal Shaver? In this kit you get a stencil trimmer and 11 assorted shaving stencils! Stuck on what kind of garden you want; take your pick and have fun jazzing up your garden – you can choose from: Heart, Cherries, Arrow, 7 Pointed Leaf, Peace Sign, Swan, Butterfly, Music Note, Rabbit, Star or Flower Stencils.

It comes with a pink satin, travel storage bag, so even when you haven’t prepped on holiday; the Ultimate Personal Shaver will be your handy and convenient best friend for all those “Have I?” moments.

Always be prepared and desirably smooth with The All-in-One Ultimate Personal Shaver by Swan®

StressNoMore’s Quick Tips on shaving our body and bikini line

  1. ALWAYS use short and slow movements across your skin – long, quick and dragging movements cause skin irritation
  2. Although we are taught the opposite – shave BEFORE you shower; wet skin opens the pores making it difficult to achieve that soft, silky finish. You should always use your favourite powder on your dry skin.
  3. When using the shaver, be GENTLE. Let the attachments work their magic on their own and when you hear the hair not being trimmed anymore, then you’re done!
  4. Whether it’s using a traditional shaver or ours – shave in the CORRECT DIRECTION to where the hair follicle grows. We’re often shown in the media to shave upwards against the hairs, but this is what causes ingrown hairs and irritation. Your hairs on your legs grown downwards, you shave downwards. Adopting this will prevent the nasty ingrown hairs and help the re-growth of the hair.

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SKU / Product Code 10576
Brand StressNoMore
Included Contents Swan Ultimate Personal Shaver for Women, 4 x Shaving Attachments, Travel Storage Bag, Storage/ Home Base, Cleaning Brush, 11 x Assorted Shaving Stencils, 2 x AAA Batteries
Power 2 x AAA Batteries (Included)
Weight (kg) 0.3600
Function Number of Shaving Attachments: 4
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Good Review by BettyBoo
Product Rating
Good for trimming the bits. Just has a hysterectomy so didn't want to look like I had gone native. Good attachments, even the nose trimmer is useful! (Posted on 29 December 2016)
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I absolutely love this product! Review by A Very Happy Shopper
Product Rating
I bought the Ultimate Personal Shaver because I was tired of ingrown hairs, and I have to say I absolutely love this product! No more bumps, no more ingrown hairs, no more nicks or cuts and no more pain. Signed, A Very Happy Shopper (Posted on 11 May 2015)
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(2 of 2 people found this review helpful)

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