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SELFCheck Female Chlamydia Test

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  1. Female chlamydia test kit for discreet home use
  2. A simple and reliable two-step home chlamydia test
  3. Avoid the damaging effects of undiagnosed Chlamydia
  4. A no-mess test that gives answers in just 10 minutes
  5. Quick results from a small urine sample, no embarassing doctor's visit required!

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A simple and reliable two step chlamydia home test kit

So many women suffer the severe consequences of untreated Chlamydia due to the sheer embarrassment of approaching their doctor. Our home screening test is easy and answers your question through easy to read visual results in just 10 minutes. This female chlamydia test is self-contained meaning no spills and no mess.

Put your mind at rest once and for all!

Why test for Chlamydia?

Chlamydia is most common and most likely to cause serious complications in younger women. If you are under 25 and sexually active, you have a 1 in 10 chance of having Chlamydia. Your risk is even higher if you are under 20 and have had unprotected sex but trust us, whatever age, no-one is exempt – it’s worth getting checked out!

Who is it for?

All women who are sexually active. If you have had unprotected sex, you are at higher risk.

What is Chlamydia?

Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted infection (STI) caused by a tiny bacteria called Chlamydia Trachomatis and often presents no symptoms. Chlamydia is easily treatable but when left untreated it can lead to complications such as inflammation of the womb, pelvic inflammation disease and infertility.

How to use the chlamydia test for women

  1. Collect your urine sample, swab it and place it into the test tube
  2. Release the first test liquid by squeezing the first ampoule
  3. Hold the device upright, wait for 10 minutes then turn it upside down
  4. Squeeze the second ampoule - you will see results in 1-2 minutes

What is the interpretation of results?

Any blue colour is a positive results. If no blue colour is present, then the result is negative. Results should not be interpreted after two minutes. Allow between 1 and 2 minutes and then look for any blue colour anywhere on the tip of the swab or in the rayon plug next to the swab tip. Waiting longer than 2 minutes may result in an incorrect result.






What should you do if the result is positive?

You should consult your doctor for further examination, diagnosis and potential treatment. Do not make any medical decisions without consulting your doctor.

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SKU / Product Code 81713
Brand SELFCheck
Included Contents Sealed pouch containing 1x test wand, 1x plastic ampoule crusher, instructions for use
Weight (kg) 0.0400
Clinical References View and/or Download the User Manual
Disposable Yes
Dosage Single use
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WHy not go to the GUM Clinic? Review by Marge
Product Rating
I really don't know why anyone would want to take this test as they do it for free at the GUM clinics.

Hi Marge
Thank you for your comments, the best bit about a home use teset is that if you are busy, or your local GUM Clinic is busy you can test privately at home. Some women don't mind visiting a GUM clinic, but for others it isn't always possible so home test kits for chlamydia are useful in this regard.
Thanks for your comments
Customer Care Team (Posted on 9 September 2016)
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Easy chlamydia test - worth doing to find out for sure! Review by Dee
Product Rating
Easy to use, better than going to the GUM clinic, glad I tested myself and happy that the result was negative. Its a case of putting my mind at ease really as my partner and I getting married and we want to start a family.
Easy test, don't fret about it just do it because it is worth knowing to be safe. (Posted on 6 January 2015)
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(2 of 2 people found this review helpful)
Gave incorrect results! Review by JK94
Product Rating
I bought three of these (so quite a bit of money for a student!) and tested myself. It came up with a positive result, so I dashed straight to the GUM clinic to receive treatment and get tested for chlamydia and every other disease. I took the treatment (costing the NHS money) and received my results today which should say positive for chlamydia, right? No! I was negative all along! I took the third test today, too which came up negative.
It caused me a lot of embarrassment by informing my recent partners and of course the panic and upset it wrongly caused!
Still, it has taught me a lesson to be safe at all times because of the scare it so unnecessarily gave me

Dear JK94
The Chlamydia test kit has to be used as per the instructions, as it can sometimes give a false result if the time guidelines are not followed. Thank you for your review, it does highlight the fact that the instructions need to be followed closely, and that we need to be safe at all times.
Customer Care Team (Posted on 10 November 2014)
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(1 of 3 people found this review helpful)

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Product Questions

The tip was pink/purple as was the rayon swab, does this indicate negative result, there was no blue as per the sample picture.

I used the self check chlamydia test & the tip of the swab didnt change in colour but the rayon went purple. What does this mean?
I have had two negative tests at the doctors but after doing this test it was white/slightly purple to begin with but had gone slightly blue at 3 minutes then more blue after 10 minutes. As it was not long after the two minutes could this signify positive? I'm very confused after being told my doctors tests are 95% accurate. I didn't expect this to go blue at any point if negative?
If the test turns out to be positive what happens then? Is there tablets provided or would I have to go to the doctors/clinic to get the pills
The self check chlamydia test & the tip of the swab didn't change in colour but the rayon went purple. What does this mean?
When the chlamidia test is delivered, what does the packaging look like?

Can you tell me if this test is save for pregnant women?
What does it mean if the test turns a purple colour?
Will a water infection affect the test results?
The tip and rayon went blue/purple after 5 minutes. I couldn't see any blue up to two minutes.
The swab and rayon went blue/purple after 5 minutes. Is this a positive result