FemCap Female Contraceptive Cap

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Quick Overview

  1. FemCap Female Contraceptive Cap - fit over your cervix
  2. Natural, hormone-free birth control
  3. 100% medical-grade silicone works in harmony with your body
  4. Instantly reversible should you decide to have a family
  5. Removal strap for easy and quick removal

FemCap Female Contraceptive Cap

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FemCap is the perfect, modern alternative to the diaphragm - safe and effective hormone-free birth control for health-conscious women

If you are looking for a hormone-free alternative to more traditional methods of birth control, the FemCap cervical cap could be exactly what you are looking for. The FemCap is a similar concept to the traditional diaphragm, and works by covering the cervix, preventing sperm from entering. Unlike traditional diaphragms and caps, the FemCap does not need fitting by a health professional - it is available in three simple sizes, and the one you need is simply based on your pregnancy history.

  • Small (22mm): is designed for women who have never been pregnant.
  • Medium (26mm): for women who have been pregnant (even if only for two weeks) and have miscarried, undergone termination, or given birth by caesarian section - this size should be used if there is doubt over whether you have ever been pregnant.
  • Large (30mm): for all women who have given birth vaginally.

The FemCap is a hormone-free method of birth control that can remain in place for up to 48 hours at a time, and is fully reusable for up to a year, so is a very economical choice when compared with the price of condoms. After each use, simply wash your FemCap with a gentle antibacterial hand soap and store in its case... as simple as that.

The FemCap should be used in conjunction with a contraceptive gel to ensure proper protection against pregnancy. We recommend the use of ContraGel Green Natural Vegan Contraceptive Gel - unlike other contraceptive gels, ContraGel Green contains no harmful Nonoxynol-9 and is made of 100% natural ingredients to reduce the risk of irritation to your body.

The FemCap is a modern, easy-to-use alternative to the traditional diaphragm. It is made of a single piece of medical-grade silicone to reduce allergies and can be left in place for up to 48 hours. As your body moves and changes during intercourse, the soft silicone design conforms to your body, and removal is easy too with the built-in removal strap - unlike the diaphragm, the soft silicone FemCap won't cause abrasions when the time comes to remove it.

The FemCap is shaped like a sailor's hat, with a brim to prevent sperm from entering the cervix. FemCap has been proven to be over 92% effective in preventing pregnancy, when used in conjunction with a spermicide. The FemCap is also ideal if you think you may want to get pregnant in the near future, because unlike the Pill or the implant, the effects are instantly reversible simply by removing the FemCap.

Additional Information

SKU / Product Code 92461
Brand FemCap
Included Contents FemCap, Detailed Instructions, Storage Case
Material 100% Medical Grade Silicone
Weight 0.0000
CE Approved Yes
Colour Clear
Does Not Include Phthalates, Latex
Size Small, Medium and Large
Waterproof Yes
Width 22mm, 26mm or 30mm

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how the femcap fits into my marriage Review by katie
Product Rating
i got married my freshman year of college at 19. my mother suggested that i get fitted with a diaphragm because that is what she has always used for contraception. but i did was what most other females use was birth control pill. now after 15 years of marriage and about 6 or 7 different types of pills of which i had bad side effects from all of them. we have 2 children and i don't really want any more at my age 35.one of my close friends suggested that i try using the femcap with contragel for protection. since both of my children were by C-section my ob. had me try a #26. we have been using the femcap now for some time and both my husband and i love it. my husband cant feel it and both of us can put it in or take it out in the morning.we have a femcap in my night stand and one in my husbands. it feels very natural to me and of course i have no side affects from using it. i wish that i had heard about the femcap years ago. while we have a very active sex life doing it 3 or more times a week. i do douche more than i did before starting on the femcap with contragel but i have not had any problems from douching. we plan on using this method until i go through menopause. (Posted on 27 January 2014)
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Non hormonal birth control Review by Lisa
Product Rating
I am 43 years old and my husband and I have been using a # 22 femcap for birth control 3 years. It has worked very well for us and I always put a genius amount of contra gel in the dome of it before we have sex which is usually 3 or more times a week. My husband tells me that usually he can't feel it only when he thrusts deep inside of me. Since I have a bidet in my bathroom I will always pull the femcap out of me as I am sitting on it and then use the bidet to clean myself out and to stop any leaking that may happen. As all females have. The morning after sex. (Posted on 24 November 2013)
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my body has never likes hormones Review by angelai
Product Rating
after taking many types of b.c. pills for many years a friend recommended that I try a femcap. that was 5 years ago both my husband and I really like using the femcap with contragel. my husband usually wants sex at least 3 times a week and he says most of the times cant feel it and when he does it is a erotic feeling. with the femcap I usually have to douche more but I havnt had any problems from douching too much. (Posted on 17 October 2013)
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