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Contiform New User Kit

  1. Vaginal pessary that supports the urethra to prevent leaks
  2. Provides protection from stress incontinence even during exercise
  3. Pack contains one of each size so you can find what's right for you
  4. Includes all you need to get started, including instructional DVD
  5. Contiform is a CE Approved, Class 2a Medical Device

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SKU: 92140

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VAT bannerBladder weakness is much more common than most people think, but there is something that you can do to help.

Did you know that around one in three women will suffer from some form of incontinence at some point in their lives? Contiform (formally known as IncoFree) will help you to regain control of your bladder and take control of your life. Contiform is a soft vaginal pessary which works by applying gentle pressure on your urethra to stop those embarrassing leaks, even during exercise.

Contiform can be worn all day, every day if required, or can be just worn during exercise if this is when you find you have problems. The starter pack is the ideal place to start if you're not sure what size is best for you. This handy pack includes everything you need to get started, including one of each size of pessary, a removal ribbon and a fantastic instructional DVD.

By wearing Contiform, you can free yourself from wearing pads and liners and deal with bladder weakness in a discreet and comfortable way. It also works in conjunction with conventional pelvic floor exercises to make them more effective and improve your muscle tone in the long-term.

To try for size, select the Contiform in the Medium size first. The Medium size is clearly marked with an 'M'. Once inserted, you should feel comfortable and you should not be experiencing urine leakage. If you do not feel comfortable or have difficulties emptying your bladder, whilst wearing medium sized Contiform, remove it and try the Small size, marked 'S'. Alternatively, try the Large size, if you find that you are still leaking, when fitted with the Medium size.

ContiformFrequently Asked Questions about Contiform (IncoFree)

Can Contiform be used with an IUD inserted? - No - this is because there's a risk the coil could be displaced when the Contiform is removed. The risk of this is reduced is the threads of the coil are shorter, but check with your Family Planning doctor before using Contiform.

Do I need to remove Contiform when going to the toilet? - No.

Can the device be used while menstruating? - Yes!

Do you need to lubricate before insertion? - No, simply moisten the device with water before insertion.

Can you have intercourse while wearing Contiform? - No.

How do I clean Contiform? - Simply wash with warm water and unperfumed soap and rinse well before the first and subsequent uses.

How long will Contiform last? - When used every day Contiform should last 30-45 days, or longer if used lesss frequently.

You shouldn't use Contiform (or IncoFree) if:

  • You are pregnant
  • You have an IUD (Coil)
  • You have any form of prolapse
  • During intercourse
  • Within 2 months of having a baby
  • If you have a vaginal or bladder infection or vaginal soreness

Contiform is a CE Approved, Class 2a Medical Device.

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SKU / Product Code 92140
Brand Contiform
Included Contents 3 Contiform Pessaries (Small, Medium, Large), Instructional DVD, Removal Ribbon
Material Soft Body-Safe Plastic
Weight (kg) 0.0750
CE Approved Yes
Colour White

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Contiform Pessary works! Review by C98367
Product Rating
Mines been a positive experience with this Contiform. I found it easy to insert and for the sirt time in over a year I have been able to walk with my walking group and not leak. Usually I have to pad up because of leaks, but nothing. I am delighted. Works for me. Easy to insert and remove. Excellent.
I feel as though I have a little piece of my life back.
C98367 (Posted on 12 July 2016)
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Expensive and doesn't work Review by Oops
Product Rating
Really disappointed in this product after spending so much. I bought the starter kit but the smallest size is really very big and difficult to insert. When inserted fully it's uncomfortable & more importantly didn't improve incontinence when running. For me it simply doesn't work. The incostress works but the device is heavy and can become dislodged during running so I wouldn't use in public.

Dear Oops
Thank you for your review, I am sorry that the Contiform Pessary has not helped you and didn't work for you. I would urge you to keep trying another product - pessary use and fitting can be difficult, but the 'trial and error' is often worth it when you find the right one.
We have just taken on a new German range called Contam Vaginal Pessary. This is initially soaked in water and it becomes soft and pliable but remarkably supportive. We have a number we can make available as samples so if you would like to try one with our complements please contact me personally.
Customer Care Team (Posted on 2 July 2016)
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(1 of 1 people found this review helpful)
Amazing Review by Sue
Product Rating
Used for the first time today on a 5k run. What a difference. Can't recommend enough if you have problems when exercising. Wondered if it would work......totally delighted when it did. Yes the starter pack is £75 and so expensive to use just one size, but better than buying one size and having to guess again. Also very quick service. Very easy to use. (Posted on 25 June 2016)
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Fantastic Product Review by KateBoo
Product Rating
Contiform works. I have been using Contiform for some time as I know it will stop any embarrassing leaks. I have seen the comments about the slit, I have not found this to be a problem. The replacement unit lasts me two months. I go running twice a week and also go to the gym once or twice a week. I use Contiform every time I run or exercise and also if I am out shopping. It is a great product - I am so pleased I found it. (Posted on 6 February 2014)
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(2 of 3 people found this review helpful)
It worked but is cracked/perished on inside after just one day! Review by Maryru
Product Rating
The starter pack was recommended to me by my physiotherapist. As instructed I tried inserting the middle sized one numerous times, however it didn't feel at all right. The following day yesterday was my first time trying small size and it fitted snugly and comfortably. Worked a treat, and only felt it when using toilet. However, on removing to wash and store for the night, I found that the inside has a crack. I feel this is very unsatisfactory, firstly having to buy three sizes which is quite costly, and secondly only lasting a day. Am I correct in thinking that this would not be hygienic to use again. I use Mooncup for menstruation and it has lasted years without cracking, perhaps the materials used are not flexible enough. Please advise me what I should do to either get a replacement if this is a faulty product or a refund if this is a regular occurrence.

Dear Maryru
You did not leave an e mail address so I am sorry that I unable to contact you directly to address your concerns. Thank you for contacting us. Contiform has been manufactured with a slit on the inside of the collar. The slit will appear when you first fold the device, this does not affect the efficacy of Contiform. It has been manufactured like this so that you can fold it easily for insertion and also to minimise the risk of urine retention. It is perfectly safe to use and there are no hygiene issue as long as you wash it with unperfumed soap and rinse it well with water each time you remove it. Depending on the frequency of use, the slit will gradually lengthen until it reaches over the top of the collar. This is an indication the device needs to be replaced. Contiform guarantee that the device will last a minimum of 30 days when used daily. Contiform is CE Certificated, and an approved product supplied to the NHS. This information is clearly stated in the Instruction for use leaflet that comes with the starter packs and replacement units but you might have missed seeing it when you received your Contiform pessary. I hope this will be helpful. If you want to speak to someone directly at Contiform they have stated that they are happy to talk with you to reassure you that it is perfectly safe. If you'd like to forward me your telephone number I can arrange for this.
Assuring you of our best attention at all times
Fiona@SNM (Posted on 29 January 2014)
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Great but recent purchase split sooner than usual Review by Keen runner
Product Rating
Fantastic product I would not be without, however using 1-2 times per week for exercise class usually meant product would last a year or more. Most recent purchase splitting after only 4 or 5 uses so not sure if materials have changed. (Posted on 21 January 2014)
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it works but the product doesn't last long. Review by Welsh Lady
Product Rating
It took me a few goes to find the best position to insert and remove the product, it works but after using it 3 times it started to crack on the inside.

Dear Welsh Lady
Thank you for your feedback. Please note that the Contiform Vaginal Pessary is designed with a crease in it, to make insertion a lot easier. So it is 'folded' for insertion, then it expands into position to do it's supporting. A Contiform should last you at least 30 days if you use it daily so please if you feel that this is possibly a manufacturing fault and it has not lasted as it should (which it seems is the case) do please contact me personally and I shall arrange for a replacement Contiform pessary to be sent to you.
Both StressNoMore and Contiform want you to be delighted with your purchase so please get in touch.
Fiona@StressNoMore (Posted on 23 September 2013)
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(2 of 2 people found this review helpful)
Not quite right Review by Erin
Product Rating
Contiform definitely worked for me, however, unfortunately even the smallest size was too large which meant that as well as stopping any leaks it also made it impossible for me to go to the loo while wearing it as it completely stopped the flow (it says in the instructions that if this happens you need to go down to the next size, unfortunately I was already using the smallest).

I think that the ribbon that can be used for removal is worrying insubstantial and it's in a very inaccessible place if it does happen to break, however, if the product had been useable I would have risked this.

I felt really disappointed that it wasn't available in smaller sizes as it's obviously an effective product. An expensive mistake. (Posted on 2 August 2013)
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(3 of 3 people found this review helpful)
Small works for me Review by Aaminah K
Product Rating
I tried this along with my Kegel8 after suffering a prolapse following the birth of my daughter. It works well when I am exercising and it is comfortable to wear. It stops the leaks. I firstly tried the medium and have settled on the small - this seems to be the best for me.
Easy to use - it sort of folds into shape for insertion, and it is amazing that a little thing like this can stop the treadmill leaks! Sad that I have a large style that is totally unused - maybe it might be an idea to buy single ones individually - can't imagine selling it on eBay! (Posted on 19 July 2013)
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(2 of 2 people found this review helpful)
Leak free classes! Yipee! Review by Zumba Zoe
Product Rating
Recommended to me by a friend in Australia, these are great! I thoughts the small was OK, but when I tried the Med I knew this was better because it stopped all leaks at my Zumba class - well mine anyway!. That is a real first. Now, whilst I am doing my kegel exercises and all the other things to get said pelvic floor back into some kind of pre-baby shape - this little gadget is an absolute revelation. No longer will I have to plug with 2 super tampons, then suffer with the dryness this causes!
Highly recommended, I'm a convert. (Posted on 17 July 2013)
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(2 of 2 people found this review helpful)

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Product Questions

Do you ship to the USA and what is the cost of product and shipping in US dollars? Thanks.
I would like to use the contiform when I exercise but I have a cystocele. I am not incontinent but just find exercising uncomfortable. I do pelvic floor exercises but I need more support. The doctor fitted me with a pessary ring but I found it affected my married life. I can't have surgery so am a bit at a loss as to what to do. I don't want to pay out £74.99 for something that I can't use. Would the contiform help me?
Please advise
I am looking for a solution to my bladder leaking. I had a hysterectomy about 15 years ago and understand that a pesser doesn't always work well without a uterus. I have been considering the Contiform for some time. I live in the USA and was wondering if you have a distributor in this country? What is the approximate monthly cost in US dollars and the shipping as well? I sure hope you can find them here. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you, Karen Rogers.