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Tag Archives: high blood pressure

  • Prevent Heart Disease and win yourself a free SELFCheck Cholesterol Level Kit

    So we’re aware of the two very important days that occur in February: Valentine’s Day and Shrove Tuesday. Whilst we are filling up on pancakes, chocolate and much love, we mustn’t forget that February is National Heart Month. National Heart Month raises awareness, across the UK, of Coronary Heart Disease and how we should all go about taking care of our hearts. Did you know that the single biggest killer in the UK is Coronary Heart Disease? Cause I didn’t! You may know that people can live with high blood pressure or cholesterol and they can be completely oblivious to it. We’ve all heard that it can be the ‘silent killer’; some of us just don’t recognise the signs. Continue reading

  • Do you know your numbers? Blood Pressure Awareness

    Starting today, Blood Pressure UK kicks off the annual Know Your Numbers week. Numbers are a vital part of our everyday lives: How much we earn, the rising cost of cat food, the number for that cute guy from the bar on a napkin… we are surrounded by so many numbers, we often forget the most important numbers of all: Our health. Continue reading

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