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  • How to get in the Xmas Spirit in 5 easy ways!

    Suppress your inner scrooge!

    It’s that time of year again, like marmite you either love it or you hate it! Christmas can bring you plenty of festive cheer or it can fill you full of stress and anxiety, will there be family fall outs? Is there a vegetarian coming round for dinner? Is your house tidy enough? With a million and one things to do at Christmas time it can be all too easy to forget why we celebrate it and why it can be really fun. Continue reading

  • THE TWELVE DAYS OF Christmas at StressNoMore

    Do you find your stress levels going into overdrive at the first sight of tinsel? Does every ‘X days til Christmas!!!’ post you see on Facebook send you further and further into a black hole of despair? At StressNoMore we’re here to bring back the Joy to your World, the Peace to your Earth and the Silent to your Night! Our holiday gift guide has load of ideas for how to make your Christmas as stress-free as possible, all to the tune of one of our favourite carols! Continue reading

  • Don't let Christmas decorations be a burden anymore! Win with StressNoMore!

    As Christmas is approaching us fast, decorating your home in time for the big day can be seen as a chore. Rummaging for those boxes in the attic with “CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS” written all over it seems like you’re searching for the Holy Grail; after all you only use them once a year, why else are those “CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS” boxes shoved right to the back? Continue reading

  • Why You Should Give Up Alcohol This January

    You can’t deny yourself a few cheeky drinks with your colleagues at your work Christmas party can you? Then there’s the booze-filled festivities on Christmas Eve, and the hair-of-the-dog Buck’s Fizz on Christmas morning. Plus the get-togethers with friends and family around Christmas which usually require wine, beer, cocktails and spirits. And just when you thought that was it New Year’s Eve is round the corner and there’s yet more alcoholic merry-making to be done; you’ve just got to see in the new year with a few glasses champagne.

    Continue reading

  • A Very Merry Christmas from all at StressNoMore!

    With just a few hours left in the StressNoMore office before we break off for Christmas, we wanted to take the opportunity to wish everyone a wonderfully Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

    Continue reading

  • Dear Santa - Christmas Gift Ideas & Inspiration

    We've got our decorations up and we're counting down the days to Christmas here at the StressNoMore office. But if you're anything like us you'll be panicking about all the presents you still have to buy with just 19 shopping days left! Don't worry, we've compiled a little Christmas gift ideas and inspiration guide to help you out, or to give you some ideas of what to put on your list for Santa...

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