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  • Squatting gone viral! This unicorn could change the way you poo!

    Here at StressNoMore, we have been rushed off our feet trying to meet the exceptional customer demand for the Squatty Potty’s. This demand is a direct result of what happens when you throw together a mythical creature, a Prince with a British accent and rainbow ice-cream of course. You must have seen the latest Squatty Potty advert! It hasn't missed anyone's news feeds on social media! It proudly boasts a Prince of Poop and a cute unicorn duo which uses its healthy and correct bowel movements to create beautifully coloured rainbow poo which doubles as ice-cream and the representation of a healthy colon - yes you read it right. Continue reading

  • The multi-functional uses of cooling gel pads – you need them in your life!

    The wonderful answer to the discomfort of overheating

    cooling gel pads sizesThe feeling of being too hot in bed is one of those uncomfortable feelings we all know and hate. A bad night’s sleep always spoils the day ahead as you struggle to stay awake. But the solution is simple! The beauty of the cooling gel pads is that you can use them for almost anything! Continue reading

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