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The latest health news and pioneering clinical studies, plus information and advice about those embarassing or worrying health problems. Stau tuned for fab competitions and sample giveaways too!

  • Is the end of summer getting you down? Get happy with a SAD lamp!

    Most people start feeling a bit glum as the days get shorter. Summer never seems to last for long enough, particularly in this country. But there’s a lot more at stake than your social life and your tan when the sun disappears! Our bodies need vitamin D to function but the UK is rarely ever sunny enough for us to get a healthy amount. This can cause a huge variety of health problems, from depression to broken bones! Read on to find out how to make sure you avoid sunlight deficiency this winter…

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  • Healthy Halloween Recipes for Spooky Fun without the Calories!

    Halloween is loads of fun for kids and adults alike. It’s a great excuse to dress up in a costume and have a party. But it’s not so great for your health! It’s really tempting to raid the kids trick or treating stash but you won’t be doing yourself any favours. We’ve put together a collection of healthy Halloween recipes that are delicious and fun while being low on sugar and fat. Read on to find out how to make your Halloween party horrifyingly healthful!!!

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  • Smart Meter Not So Smart? Other Ways to Save Money on Heating Bills

    The government has pledged to offer a smart meter to every home in the UK by 2020. These digital energy meters are supposed to help us save money on bills by making us more aware of our energy use. However, last week it was revealed that so far only 3.3 million of the 53 million planned have been installed. Not only that, but studies have found that smart meters only result in savings of 3% or less – not great news when the scheme is due to cost consumers £11 billion! These ‘free’ meters are actually paid for by increased bills and most cannot be transferred if you want to switch energy companies. With winter approaching quickly it seems we may need to find smarter ways to save money on heating bills; read on for some great tips.

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  • Are You Damaging Your Back? - Dangerously Common Back Pain Myths Debunked

    Back pain is a huge problem – it’s the leading cause of disability worldwide. Around 8 out of 10 people in the UK suffer from it at some point. This causes over 4 million days off work taken per year! Despite how common it is, there are still a lot of myths about the causes and cures of back pain. These misconceptions lead to a lot of unnecessary pain! To support Back Care Awareness Week we wanted to share the most common misunderstandings to help you avoid back pain.

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  • Carers - Are You At Risk of Back Pain?

    This year’s Back Care Awareness week aims to highlight how back pain affects carers. Britain has over 7 million carers who look after loved ones for free, saving the NHS £119 billion a year! Caring for someone who is ill or infirm puts a huge strain on you, mentally and physically. This includes a much higher risk of back pain than the general population. Many of our best customers are carers for someone they love. If this is you we’d like to celebrate Back Care Awareness by giving you some tips on how to care for yourself as well as others.

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  • Tackle allergy season with StressNoMore


    At StressNoMore we have everything from air care to bedding to nebulisers and light therapy to keep you happy during the current allergy months. As we leap for joy because it’s still Summer there are plenty of us getting the tissues out due to our constant sneezing and allergies. Of course nothing much can overshadow the beauty of Summer but if we are sneezing and coughing then it can make us pretty unhappy to say the least. Continue reading

  • BV or Thrush? Is there a difference?

    This ImageNever heard of Bacterial Vaginosis? You're not alone. Many women automatically assume if something changes 'down there' they must have Thrush or worse. If you notice discomfort or a change in your nether regions there are 3 types of vaginal infection that need to be considered; a yeast infection (Thrush), bacterial infection (BV) or a trichomoniasis infection (Sexually Transmitted Disease)

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  • What is a pessary and how do I choose the right one? Our guide will tell you everything you need to know

    A pessary is a device that is designed to provide support where the pelvic floor muscles are weak and pelvic organs have prolapsed or are in danger of prolapsing. Suffering from a prolapse can feel uncomfortable, frightening and humiliating. These feelings are normal, but there are many ways in which you can manage your prolapse and even avoid surgery if you wish.

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  • WIN a Beurer AS80 New Generation Activity Monitor & Stick to your fitness goals

    Achieve results and stay on coursewith StressNoMore's guide to staying on track with your fitness and eating goals

    tennis-playerSummer is on the horizon, and Wimbledon is around the corner! Us Brits love nothing more than to sit with a delicious bowl of strawberries and watch the game. Tennis players are seriously well conditioned athletes and can often make us feel a little unfit ourselves while watching them grace our screens. Although they follow gruelling training and eating regimes, you too can become the best version of yourself with a few easy changes to your diet and lifestyle. Continue reading

  • Bodybuilder, Nurse, Mum – Joanne Jagger does it all, and we’ve found out how!


    Bodybuilder & Mum Bodybuilder & Mum

    This week we have some serious fitspiration for you! We are lucky enough to be able to share with you the story and lifestyle of a super fit mum! As well as being a mother to her adorable 4-year-old son Adam, Joanne is a keen sports enthusiast, bodybuilder and a dedicated Community Staff  Nurse! Continue reading

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