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What you don't know about your intimate flora


You are probably neglecting your vaginal health exposing yourself to a vast array of infections. Many women are guilty of neglecting their own intimate well-being and paying little to no attention to their own intimate flora. Many women suffer from repeated infections of thrush and cystitis as they are unknowingly neglecting to take care of their intimate health – so it’s no surprise.

There are plentiful medications available to help weaken the symptoms of these painful conditions such as creams, antibiotics and pessaries but how much do you know about the more natural solutions? Natural solutions will not only help eliminate the problem but prevent it too.

Why do you women get such conditions?intimate flora

Thrush is caused by the yeast candida albicans which normally lives harmlessly on your skin, in your mouth, gut and vagina. When this particular yeast becomes overgrown this is when thrush occurs. The onset of bacterial vaginosis is caused by a similar process which involves a change in the balance of bacteria present in the vagina coupled with a more alkaline pH. Painful cystitis is caused by a bacterial infection. All of these irritating conditions can occur in any woman, but are most common in menopausal women due to hormone levels dropping.

Prevent these conditions with natural remedies

By taking care of your intimate well-being naturally, you can ensure that you don’t suffer from these conditions. It is definitely possible to drastically minimise your chances of getting these conditions if you know how. It’s all about the GOOD BACTERIA.
Ever heard that your vagina is ‘self-cleaning’? Well this is true and it’s down to your flora. Your vaginal flora helps to protect you from infections and keeps your vagina clean and healthy. When the friendly, beneficial bacteria (lactobacilli) in the vagina is concentrated (this can be due to ill health, certain medications, antibiotics, soaps, swimming, hormonal changes, etc.) then candida can flourish, creating all of the unpleasant symptoms you know and dread; irritating itching, a burning sensation, discoloured discharge and stinging.



Conventional treatments do successfully kill off the candida, but they can have a negative effect on the vaginal flora which can make repeat infections likely.

Multi-Gyn FloraPlus is a safe, natural and effective treatment for thrush. It is different to your usual treatments because it actually works in harmony with your body’s natural flora, and not against it. FloraPlus contains 40% 2QR, which regulates the pH balance, making the vagina more acidic thus creating a protective blockade against harmful microbes and bacteria.

FloraPlus also contains selective prebiotics. These prebiotics help nourish the good bacteria – and the good bacteria LOVE them and release lactic acid, which naturally maintains the slightly acidic pH of a healthy vagina, and helps to ensure thrush doesn’t get out of control.

By using a natural treatment such as FloraPlus on a regular basis you will be creating the most optimum vaginal environment where your flora will maintain balanced, healthy and happy.

Prevention is better than the cure

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