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Neen Aquaflex Cones Pelvic Floor Exercise System

  1. Improve your pelvic tone by 60% with easy to do kegel exercises
  2. Variable size cones with different weights
  3. Improves bladder control & sexual sensation
  4. Results in just 12 weeks if used daily
  5. As featured on C4's Embarrassing Bodies

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Neen Aquaflex Pelvic Floor Exercise Weights were featured on Embarassing Bodies

Improve your pelvic tone by 60% as shown in C4's Embarassing Bodies programme.

TOP RATED PELVIC EXERCISER! Kegel exercising made easy, simply pop in a cone and by natural reflex action your muscles will automatically close around it, keep it in place and you'll be exercising without even knowing it. 

Aquaflex is a clinically proven pelvic floor exercise system, consisting of two weighted exercise cones specially designed to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. A stronger pelvic floor will help you to improve bladder control and improve sexual response and satisfaction. A weak pelvic floor is not inevitable for women - 70% of cases of stress incontinence can be cured or improved by using weighted vaginal cones, such as Aquaflex.

Simple to use the AquaFlex Pelvic Floor Exercise System takes just 20 minutes, once a day, if used daily; you can expect results in just 12 weeks. Aqua flex has a range of sizes and weights, so as you get stronger you can hold a heavier weight making your pelvic floor stronger each time you use it! Full instruction booklet included, use daily and you'll have REALLY noticeable results in just 12 weeks!

Unsure whether Aquaflex is right for you? Read our blog to compare Aquaflex with Kegel8 Exercise Cones. Please note, Aquaflex is not suitable for people who suffer from prolapse.

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SKU / Product Code 9071
Brand Neen
Included Contents One small cone, one larger cone and weights: 20g x 2, 10g x 1, 50g x1 in a storage clam-shell box.
User Manual View and/or Download the Aquaflex Cones Instructions For Use
Size Small cone- 6cm x 2.2cm (2.3" x 0.86") Large cone-6cm x 2.6cm (2.3" x 1")
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Great initially, but after baby 3 I went digital Review by Kelli
Product Rating
I used these cones for 3 years - they were great after the birth of my daughter (baby number 2) but after my second son was born I realised I needed something more powerful. I bought instead a digital pelvic toner (Kegel8) - it was recommended to me by a Physio after she said that they were clinically proven to be more effective than cones when used at home. So for some these are great - and they were ideal for me for 3 years - but as my body changed and the pressure got a bit much on the ol' pelvic floor I needed something more intense and a digital pelvic toner was able to offer me this as opposed to vaginal cones.

I would recommend these to users, but as my Physio said to me, make sure you do not insert them too hight. The idea is just inside the vagina so that you use your pelvic floor muscles, not so the aquaflex cone sits there like a tampon. (Posted on 3 September 2014)
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very good product Review by Maggie
Product Rating
Getting on very well with it. .would recommend this product to a friend without any worry.. After only 2 weeks use I am ready to move to the small cone. (Posted on 13 May 2013)
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(19 of 20 people found this review helpful)
Brilliant product Review by Annonymous
Product Rating
Had no idea just how weak my muscles were until I tried these!! I've given birth twice within the last 13 months so there had been a lot of trauma to my pelvic muscles. Had noticed some weakness after having my second child so I said I'd try these weights. I couldn't believe how weak my muscles were until I tried these weights and I noticed an immediate improvement, even though it was only slight.
I have only just started using them so have a bit to go yet, but so far so good. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who has recently had a child, or even before getting pregnant to get a head start!!! (Posted on 25 April 2013)
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(18 of 19 people found this review helpful)
Product Rating
I was really disappointed to spend the money on this then receive it and open it and read the instructions to say it is not to be used if a prolapse is present - which I have! This warning should be on the website so that you don't pay for the item which you then can't use.
Dear JD, thank you for your message. We're sorry to hear that you have not been able to use your Aquaflex Cones- please contact our Customer Service on 01482 496935 and we will be able to recommend something more suitable which will be able to help you. Best wishes. (Posted on 9 December 2013)
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(17 of 19 people found this review helpful)
Wish I had bought it years ago! Review by LL
Product Rating
2 weeks of use and massive improvement. I thought I was doing pelvic floor exercises, clearly I wasn't doing them correctly. I was about to ask my doctor if I should be doing an operation - clearly don't need it! (Posted on 1 April 2014)
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Don't waste your money like I did. Review by Tina K
Product Rating
After 3 times of using I am afraid these are not for me. The fishing line cord seems flimsy and I think they are cheap and poor quality.
Don't waste your money like I did. (Posted on 5 February 2015)
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Can't use them now I have prolpase Review by Kayzee
Product Rating
These cannot be used if you have a prolapse. I bought them and started using them before my GPs referral appointment came through. I have been diagnosed with a mild prolapse so i know I need to exercise, but these cannot be used with prolapse so I am no longer able to use them, so I have only given them 2 stars.
One for the bin I'm afraid. (Posted on 9 January 2015)
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Money wasted I'm afraid. Review by Noonie
Product Rating
Fell out unfortunately. don't think the withdrawal cord is safe enough. Feel I have wasted my money :(

Dear Noonie
Thank you for your review, please call our helpline if we can help you to get the best from the Neen Pelvic Floor Cones we will do our best. If you need any further help on pelvic floor exercisers that may be best suited for your needs please let me know, as I would like to help you get a stronger pelvic floor and we have lots of alternative products which will help you get a stronger pelvic floor and automatically exercise the pelvic floor muscles.
If you find a pelvic floor exercise cone difficult to use you might be better suited to a digital pelvic floor exercisers such as the Kegel8 Pelvic Floor Exercise Machine. I'd like to help you further so please give us a call on the helpline here at 01482 496 931.
Here to help
Customer Care Team

Here to help (Posted on 12 July 2017)
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Product Questions

I avoid the traditional style "clenching" pelvic floor exercises because I experience and unwanted and unpleasant sexual stimulation from the movement involved. I am going this product might work for me because from what I can work out on the instructions you don't have to do the up and down movement, you just hold still. Do you have any comments on that? I'm not sure if other ladies have this problem.

Also, will it still work if you cannot stand up? I'm a wheelchair user, I can stand for a few minutes at a time, but certainly not 20! Can it be used sitting down, and will there be much benefit?

Hello is it safe to use the cones when pregnant? I am 6 months pregnant at the moment.
I have a vaginal prolapse what would you recommend