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Anti-Snore Chin Strap

  1. Anti-snoring device, stops snoring even when sleeping on your back!
  2. Snoring aid that gently keeps your mouth closed to prevent snoring, dry mouth and sore throats
  3. Fleece lining with adjustable Velcro strap for the perfect fit
  4. Prevents the vibrations and obstruction that cause snoring
  5. Simple but far more effective than other solutions on the market

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You and your partner can get a good night’s sleep again - even on your back – with this anti-snore chin strap!

Snoring is annoying but common. 45% of us snore some of the time. 25% of us snore all the time. Are you one of those that are keeping yourself and others up at night? Not enough sleep makes you irritable. You can find it hard to think. It can even cause depression. Is your partner is up all night and desperate for a solution? Perhaps it's waking you up from your sleep too. Luckily everyone can benefit from a better night's sleep with the simple yet effective way of stopping night-time noises.

The Anti-Snore Strap works by stopping the physical symptoms that cause you to snore. Sleeping on your back increases snoring. This is because your mouth opens and obstructs you airway. The vibrations in your airway is what makes the snoring sound. At worst case, it is known as obstructive sleep apnoea and can stop you breathing. If you find yourself digging your partner in the ribs or turning them over, its too late. You've been disturbed.

But the anti-snoring jaw strap stops you snoring, even when on your back. Gently holding their mouth closed, airways stay unobstructed. You also don't wake up with dry mouth or a sore throat. Get a snug fit with the velcro strap and holes for your ears. You don't have to worry about it irritating you throughout the night either. The soft fleece lining is comfortable and makes sure you and your loved one has a peaceful night's sleep!

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SKU / Product Code 11272
Brand Jobar
Recommended For Stopping snoring from occurring by keeping airways clear
Included Contents One strap
Weight (kg) 0.0680
Colour Blue
Size One size fits most; adjustable via velcro strap
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Total : 4 Reviews
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This does not work Review by Oonagh
Product Rating
My partner still snores wearing the chin strap and it has not made any difference to his or my sleep at night (Posted on 10 November 2016)
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Life saver Review by Tom
Product Rating
Life saver, wife has been complaining about her disrupted sleep, and to be honest she looks knackered. Even my mates complained when we went on a recent stag do. Something gotta give.
This works fine for me, I wondered if I would find it restrictive but it is comfortable to use, a small gesture to placate the wife. She's a good soul and I don't want to trade her in yet.
It's made me look at lifestyle too, as I know I'm a bit beefy and the rapturous snoring has only been evident since I put weight on. So I hope with 2 stones cast off I'll be able to recycle this to eBay, otherwise I fear I'm heading towards oxygen and a CPAP mask. F that for a game of soldiers. (Posted on 27 October 2016)
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(6 of 6 people found this review helpful)
Very good Review by TomR
Product Rating
I'm informed by my wife that I still snore but quietly and not for long (this is acceptable) massive improvement. I would have give it 5 stars but it is a bit long and would be better if you had a range of lengths. Would have been too big if it had been my wife who snored. (Posted on 16 September 2016)
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(4 of 4 people found this review helpful)
Efficient Review by Nikita 7193
Product Rating
Has been good, I would recommend and I won't get divorce yet, I bought myself some time.
Thanks (Posted on 7 September 2016)
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(1 of 2 people found this review helpful)

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