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Andromedical Andropeyronie

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  1. Andropeyronie Medical Penis Device
  2. Helps to correct penile curvature/ Peyronie's disease
  3. Helps to increase the size of the penis at the same time
  4. A painless alternative to invasive surgery
  5. Clinically tested and proven medical device



If you suffer from curvature of the penis, or Peyronie's disease, you will know how distressing it can be

Penile curvature, or Peyronie's disease is a curvature of the penis, which can be uncomfortable and distressing, and can even lead to a man being unable to enjoy a full sex life. The Andropeyronie by AndroMedical is a clinically tested medical device that has been proven to correct penile curvature by as much as 40 percent in as little as 3-6 months.

What causes Peyronie's Disease?

Doctors are not 100% certain what causes Peyronie's disease, but there are a number of possible causes:

  • Genetic predisposition: There's a mild family link.
  • Trauma: Many experts think that the 'plaque' formed in Peyronie's disease can form following a trauma to the penis, such as bending or hitting it.
  • Dupuytren's Contracture: People suffering with this condition sometimes suffer from Peyronie's as their tissues are more prone to scarring.

However, it is not certain what causes Peyronie's, and some men with none of the above happen to develop the condition.

Peyronie Surgery for Peyronie's Disease

Usually, doctors only perform surgery for Peyronie's when the disease has stabilised and it is not getting worse. Normally, surgery is only performed if the deformity is very painful and prevents a man from having intercourse.

The two most common operations performed to treat Peyronie's are:

  • The Nesbit Procedure: Removal of tissue on the opposite side of the penis to where the plaque is. This helps to straighten the penis, however it can cause the erect penis to become shorter.
  • The Lue Procedure: The plaque that has formed inside the penis is removed and replaced with a patch of skin. This can correct the curvature, however can cause erective dysfunction and other complications.

Surgery isn't the only option for Peyronies - Traction is clinically proven to helpStressNoMore is proud to be an official distributor of Andro Medical products

Many men are keen to avoid the traditional method of surgery to correct their curvature, as it can reduce the length of the penis by as much as 4cm (1.6 inches), but the Andropeyronie works with gentle traction to not only correct the curvature, but increase the size of the penis too. What's more, this effective treatment leaves no unsightly scarring.

If you have already undergone surgery for Peyronie's disease, this device could help you too. After surgical treatment, it is common for the penis to retract and decrease in size due to the formation of scar tissue, but the Andropeyronie is extremely effective at preventing this. The device works by applying gentle traction to the penis, so the body works to build new cells - this helps to correct the deviation and also to increase the size of the penis as a fortunate side effect.

The device has been clinically tested and proven to be safe and effective, and the results have been validated on an international level, so before you resort to surgery, try the Andropeyronie.

StressNoMore is proud to be an official distributor of Andro Medical; we do not supply imitations and we thank you for supporting us by purchasing official Andro products.

How does the Andropeyronie penile curvature correction work?

The Andropeyronie device must be used with the penis in a flaccid state, and can be worn between 4 - 9 hours a day. Some men wear them under loose fitting trousers, others prefer to use the traction devices during the evening when not at work, it is all a matter of personal preference. However it must be remembered that the amount of time used has a direct impact of the level of results. If you are diligent about regular use, you will achieve faster more satisfactory results.

Andromedical are specialists in penile traction devices, and the Andropeyronie works in a very different way to a standard Andromedical device purchased primarily for size improvement. While using Andropeyronie, the patient can control the direction of the traction in order to apply stronger force to the opposite side of the peyronies curvature. This will help the penis to straighten by up to 50% and prevent the pain and discomfort associated with peyronies.

If you choose to use the Andropeyronie following surgery for peyronies you'll find that a gentler unidirectional traction force is enough to prevent penile shortening which so often happens following this surgical procedure.


SKU / Product Code 91981
Brand Andro Medical
Recommended For Men with peyronies curvature of the penis to straighten without surgery
Included Contents Androshafts, 2 x Androsilicone, 2 x Androcomfort Band, 2 x Androtop for Androsilicone, 2 x Androtop for Androcomfort Band, 2 x Androring, Instruction Booklet, Instructional CD, Quick Guide
Material Springs: Stainless Steel | Shafts: Surgical Aluminum
Weight (kg) 0.9160

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